Ask-Beetlejuice part two!

Here’s some more sketches from my old ask blog- out of context and stupid as ever. He was the BEST fun to RP.



Completely out of context- I give you some of the many sketches that happened on my old blog Ask-beetlejuice. These are a few of my favourites.


Here’s some blog guff from the past few years!


He  probably lives in all times. He’s from no time. He’s from every time. He lives in every time period.

- Michael Keaton




More WIPs


I started doing a similar thing way back when - of movie scenes in cartoon style - but I only managed to get two scenes done. <3 These are looking great! 



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A clanging sound is heard in the distance.  A rickety old wagon trundles into the village, crows cawing, circling over its smoke-trailing chimney as it streams filth into the clear air.

There is no horse drawing it.

"Roll up, roll up!" wheezes the driver, a sequin-covered disaster with hair the colour of smoke, as he creaks down from the seat, leather whip bumping against his spandex’d hip.  "Pitch us a penny!" he cries, rattling an old tin can with half a dead newt in the bottom.  "Donate an coin!  See the pretty teas!  Drinke the heated leafe brew!  Perhaps on coffee for you, sir..?"

In the back of a wagon, a suited man sits, smirking.  He strokes a glass jar of leaves and cinnamon in his beWestwood’d lappe and takes a great crunching mouthful out of a 1896 Art Nouveau teacup.  “Yes…” he purrs through some crunched up handle.  “Yes, Lucian… informe the Tumblr Village…”  He jangles a thick, iron chain that leaks out of the wagon and clamps fast to a heavy manacle around the Lucian’s dancing ankle.  The artist lets out a bleate of arousal and jiggles his tin cup menacingly at his art blog.  “Donaaaate”, he whispers viciously.  “Or I shall have to write fanfiction of myself and Mag agaaaaain.

[After @FrogCroakley]


If opportunity doesn’t knock, draw a door.   (at least that’s what the Handbook For The Recently Deceased says, right?)


"Beetlejuice" 1988. A Tim Burton film.

Alternative movie poster. ©datalaze MMXIV


"So, a girl almost married a ghost."


"I don’t know what possessed her."